Winslow’s Trialing History

Winner of the SWASA Bluebonnet Maturity, 2004

Winner of the SWASA Bluebonnet Maturity, 2004

Winslow’s stockdog ability is legendary both as a triple ASCA National Finals Champion and a top ranch hand.  He was a very competitive obedience and agility dog with top honors in both venues.  There’s nothing this dog has not been able to do and he’s a superb representative of the Australian Shepherd breed.

2004 proved to be a spectacular year ending with nearly a clean sweep of the National Stockdog Finals as well as the National Stockdog trial.  He picked up his third championship in 2005, then retired.

HOF WTCH HTCH Twin Oaks Winslow Breeze


ASCA National Finals Champion (sheep and ducks 2004, cattle 2005)

Winslow’s Trialing History

~ 2005 trialing results ~

  • Winslow-ATcover-8x62005–SWASA Cowboy Classic  April 29,30, May1.  Won Advanced Sheep and Advanced Ducks, HIT Aussie Friday and high WTCH Friday.  Saturday won Advanced Ducks, Sunday won combined WTCH belt buckle
  • 2005–SWASA Cowboy Classic  April 29,30, May1–Won the Gillespie Trophy for the fourth year in a row (never been done before!)

2005 Nationals!

  • National Finals Cattle Champion!
  • National Finals 6th place Ducks!
  • National Finals 4th place Sheep!

~ 2004 trialing results ~

Winslow-AT-page1-fullsizeWinner of the SWASA Bluebonnet Maturity 2004

  • 2004…Whitesboro, Texas, won Cowboy Classic Award, Gillespie Trophy (highest score from all three stock taken and added together, high scoring dog wins the award) FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW!
  • 2004..Oct. 16/17 Mud Derby Stonewall, TX–won High WTCH Aussie both days, High Combined for the weekend

2004 Nationals!

  • National Finals Duck Champion!
  • National Finals Sheep Champion!
  • National Finals 3rd place Cattle!
  • National Finals High Combined Champion!
  • High Score Cattle, High Score Ducks, High in Trial, High Combined WTCH!

~ 2003 trialing results ~

  • SheepJumpNatl022003…Tequila Classic, Phoenix Arizona, High Combined all three days, high score sheep twice (118 score once), high score ducks, high score WTCH, first place cattle class.  Won the Wade Sanborn Memorial Traveling Trophy.
  • 2003 Diamond State ASC, Arkansas.  High score ducks, HIT
  • 2003 SWASA Cowboy Classic trial, Whitesboro Texas, First place in PATDsheep with a 118.  Won High in Trial Aussie and HIT WTCH.  Won the Cowboy Classic Award, Gillespie Trophy (3 single highest scores over the 3 days in each stock category), and Won the High Combined belt buckle.
  • 2003 Three Pine Ranch Classic in Estancia, NM  Aug. 15-17, 2003:  PATDs  High in Trial , PATDc, HIT Aussie; High Score cattle, High Score ducks, High in Trial Aussie, and High in Trial overall.  High Combined Belt Buckle.
  • 2003 SWASA trial, Stonewall, TX- High Combined Sat. and Sun. Won all 3 classes on Sun.  High in Trial Ducks with a score of 120 1/2, and a sheep score of  118.

2003 Nationals!

  • Finals–Reserve Champion in Sheep, Third in Ducks, and 7th in Cattle
  • 2003 Pretrial–High In Trial Ducks and High Combined.
  • 2003 Nationals, tied for first place in Ducks with a score of 124, but the placings were broken by time so we ended up with a 2nd.
  • 2003 SWASA Trial, Waller, TX- High Score WTCH and High Score Aussie both days
  • 2003 AKC Trial, Ferris, TX- completed his HX title in sheep for AKC, Course A

~ 2002 trialing results ~

  • 2002… Merit Program (Advanced) #6 ducks, #5 cattle, #2 sheep, (Post Advanced) #2 cattle, #10 sheep
  • 2002…Whitesboro, Texas, won Cowboy Classic Award, Gillespie Trophy (highest score from all three stock taken and added together, high scoring dog wins the award)
  • 2002…Three Pine Classic, HIT Post Advanced sheep, HIT Aussie, HIT All-Breed, High Combined won Patd. sheep, adv. sheep and adv. ducks
  • 2002…MINK ASC, Kansas, HIT Aussie, high score sheep (121 score!), High Combined for the weekend.

NationalsWinPhoto02a2002 Nationals!

  • National Finals Qualifier in all stock,
  • Reserve Champion in Sheep, and
  • High Combined at the Nationals, and
  • High Score Ducks with a 120.  Won both adv. sheep classes, and
  • High Combined WTCH at the Stockdog Pretrial Nov. 3 hosted by Delta ASF and Silver Bullet ASSA
  • 2002..SWASA trial Stonewall Texas,  won adv. sheep, and adv. ducks twice.
  • 2002…HOTASC, Whitesboro, Texas, high score sheep, won ducks with a 119, High Combined, and won MVA
  • 2002…SWASA trial Waller Texas won ducks twice

~ 2001 trialing results ~

win_downlow_cowStarted titles on all stock in two trials.  Both trials won Most Promising Started Aussie award and won both his cattle classes.

  • Open titles…two trials.  Won both Open Cattle classes and a sheep class.  Was the #10 Open Cattle Dog in the Merit Program.
  • Advanced Titles…2001.  First time out titled on sheep and ducks and qualified one leg of cattle.  Won his duck class.  HIT ducks, second advanced trial out.  Was the #1 Advanced trial dog in ducks, #6 in sheep, #7 in cattle in the Merit Program.  Was the #3 Post Advanced Trial dog in sheep, #5 in cattle.
  • 2001…First Nationals…National Finals qualifier on all three stock, ended up #8 in ducks.
  • 2001…SEMASA trial…MVA winner, high score ducks, high score cattle
  • 2001…Cayucos Cup, California…HIT post advanced sheep, first place advanced cattle
  • 2001…Gainesville, Texas, first place advanced sheep with a 121

AHBA and AKC Titles

Winslow has earned four titles in AHBA, the HTDIIId, HRDIIIs, HTDIIIs and AHBA’s title of Champion.

Winslow has earned his AKC HXA in sheep and ducks.

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