shasta_faceshasta_bottleShasta Del Rey UD

8/94 – 7/07

Shasta left us for a much deserved final rest in July of 2007. 

She was a darling dog and will be greatly missed. 

 Shasta 5-Generation Pedigree


Shasta earned a UD, and was extremely capable in obedience, with very good scores.   Her love was agility and chasing balls.  We remember her with joy as our ‘fun police’; making sure no one had fun unless they included her!  She wanted to be included in everything, and was happiest if she could be with me everywhere I went, and soon she shadowed my daughter as well.  A very loyal and loving dog that grinned when greeting people, and always gave about 1,000,000% in everything she did.


When she was just one month shy of her 10th Birthday, Shasta won BOS and BOW in the altered division of TASA’s conformation show.

Shasta was my daughter's willing Pee Wee Conformation partner.

Shasta was my daughter’s willing Pee Wee Conformation partner.