Trip’s Trialing History

      Trip’s Trialing History

2010 ASCA Nationals pre-trial photos by Dick Bruner

2010 ASCA Nationals pre-trial photos by Dick Bruner

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2015 Trialing Results

National Finals: Shelbyville, TN, Oct. 10 & 11

5th Place Cattle, 7th Place Ducks, 11th place Sheep

National Trial: High in Trial Ducks and High in Trial Overall

Working Australian Shepherd Club of Oklahoma, Bolivar, MO, Sept. 5-7, 2015:  Trip finished his OFTDc title and earned his OFTDd title, and won High Score Cattle and High Score Ducks in the PM Farm Trial.  On Sat. PM  he was High Score in Cattle, Sheep and Ducks as well as High in Trial Stockdog.  Sun. on C course, he was High Score Sheep and HIgh Score Cattle, and High in Trial Stockdog.  It was very hot and humid, but he was very consistent and gave me all he had.  Nothing else to ask for in a dog!!  He was super.

LOBO ASA Classic, Mountainair, NM, July 30-Aug. 2, 2015:  Four days in a beautiful location with great people!  A fun and great way to start our fall tune up.  Trip won High in Trial on Cattle 3 times, and High in Trial on Ducks twice. He was High Combined WTCH on the 3rd day.

New Hope ASC’s Spring Loaded All Breed Stock Trial, Navasota & Plantersville, TX, April 10-12, 2015:   Trip showed total consistency!  He won 9 classes and took a 2nd in the 10th.  He won the High Combined WTCH Aussie award, High in Trial for each of the 3 days, and won the Top Spring Loaded Award-the highest single qualifying score in a division for the weekend.

Central Texas Working ASC, Waller, TX, March 28 & 29, 2015:  A fun, relaxed weekend.  At Sat.’s AM trial Trip won his Sheep class and he won his Cattle class in the PM trial.  Sun. he was really ‘on’, and won his Duck class with a 123 score and his Cattle class with a 121.  He won High Advanced Dog, High in Trial Aussie, and High Combined WTCH for the 3 trial weekend.  He did good!

New Hope ASC All Breed Sheep and Duck Trial, Plantersville, TX, Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2015:  Trip won 2 of his Sheep classes and took a 2nd in another.  He won a Duck class and took a 2nd in another class as well.  A fun weekend!


2014 Trialing Results

National Finals: Bryan, Texas, Nov. 2 & 3

*High Combined Stock Dog*

National Champion Duck Dog

Reserve Champion Cattle Dog

5th place in Sheep

Trip finished his (RN) Rally Novice title during Nationals too. He really is an all-around dog!

Nationals Stockdog Pre-Trial, Nov. 1, 2014: Huge classes, over 60 runs per stock.  Trip took 2nd in sheep and 4th in ducks, and did well on cattle. 

Boogie Back to Texas Pre Trial, Nov. 1, 2014:  Trip finished his title with a 196 score.   For the National trial we earned a score of 199. 

Eleventh Annual Whiskey Creek Classic, ASC of Mid America, Washington, MO, Oct. 2-5, 2014:  What a super fun time we had at these trials, despite the wild weather!  Trip finished his PATDc title as well as his AFTDs title.  He was High Combined WTCH for the Thur. and Fri. arena trials on course D.  On Sun. he kicked it into high gear and won 5 of his 6 classes.  All told, he had 3 High Combined WTCH ribbons, a HIT PATDs, a High AFTDs, 2 HIT ducks, 2 HIT sheep, and 4 HIT cattle ribbons.  What a dog!!

LOBO ASA Classic, Mountainair, NM, July 31-Aug. 3, 2014:  A High in Trial Cattle and a High in Trial Sheep to earn a High Combined  WTCH for one trial and then another High in Trial Cattle award for another of the trials. Trip won the High Combined Buckle for the 4 days.  His consistency paid off with fairly high scores.

Red River Roundup, Working Australian Shepherd Club of Oklahoma, Denison, TX, April 12-13, 2014: 
What a great weekend!  Trip was High in Trial for both trials on Sat. and a sheep score of 117 in the AM.  I also decided to try for the MVA award so I entered Rally on the spur of the moment and we Q’d with no practice at all!  On Sun., we took another High in Trial for the PM trial, had a cattle score of 119, and sheep scores of 116 and 118!  With another Rally Q , Trip won the MVA Award!!!  and he won the Buckle for High Combined WTCH Aussie!!!  WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Centex Working Australian Shepherd Club’s Four All-Breed Stockdog Trials, Waller, TX,  March 28-30, 2014:  Trip was High in Trial on Fri. in Ducks and won all his classes that day.

Where’s The Beef? Cattle Extravagana, Lone Star ASC, Gainsville, TX, Mar. 8-9, 2014: Trip was HIT Sun. at the AM trial

New Hope ASC Trial, Plantersville, Texas, Feb. 1-2, 2014:  Sat. was a good day, Trip won 3 of his 4 classes, and Sun. he won both duck classes.  Five High in Trials for the weekend.


Trip at Lobo trial 2014


2013 Trialing Results


South East Regional Christmas Classic, Dothan, AL, Dec. 12-16, 2013: Multiple days of trialing with very high scores, many above 120.  Trip won 3 High in Trial Ducks and 1 High in Trial Sheep.  For the last trialing day, he was High Combined for the last trial and High Combined Overall for the entire day.

Heart of Texas ASC Trial, Crystal Falls, TX, Nov. 23-24, 2013:  Trip earned his PATDs title this weekend.

Eastex ASC Fall StockdogTrial, Brenham, TX, Oct. 18-20, 2013:  Friday Trip earned his Ranch Trial Dog title on sheep.  On Saturday, Trip  won High Score Advanced Aussie and the High in Trial Combined award at both the AM and PM trials.  On Sunday, he again won the High in Trial Combined award for both AM and PM trials and won the High Score Advanced Aussie in the PM trial.  A pretty successful weekend.

National Finals: Greeley, CO, Sept. 21 & 22  

National  Champion Sheep Dog

8th place in Ducks


Merit Award Winner for 2012-2013

                   #1 Open Trial Dog – Cattle  #1 Open Trial Dog – sheep;  #2 Open Trial Dog – Ducks

                           #3 Adv. Trial Dog – Cattle;  #2 Adv.Trial Dog – Sheep;  #3 Adv. Trial Dog Ducks


LOBO-2013-trial-win-photos-01513th Annual Lobo ASA of NM Three Pine Ranch Classic, Estancia, NM, Aug. 1-4, 2013:  A truly challenging but fun place to trial!  Trip was High in Trial Cattle and High Combined Aussie day one; High in Trial Cattle and Ducks as well as High Combined Aussie day two; and High Combined Aussie day three.  Trip won the overall High Combined belt buckle and he was the winner of the Diana Decker Memorial Trophy!  It was quite a weekend!

Central Texas Working ASC, Hullabaloo on the Brazos, Bryan, TX, May 25-26, 2013:  A great place to trial, and the first time under a covered arena.  Sat. Trip took 3 first places, one in sheep, and two in ducks, with one of those being a High in Trial.  Sun. he took two more firsts and another High in Trial, this time in cattle.

Working ASC of Georgia’s Cherokee Rose Stockdog Trials, Calhoun, GA, May 3-5, 2013:  A very successful weekend of trialing!  Trip won all High in Trials on Friday, and another five High in Trials the next two days.  He earned the beautiful High Combined award over all three days.

New Hope ASC, Plantersville, TX, April 27, 2013:  Trip won three of his classes and went High in Trial on ducks in one of those classes.

Working ASC of Oklahoma Hillbilly Classic,  Bolivar MO, April 19-21, 2013:  Fri. Trip earned first place in Open Cattle and  Adv. Sheep, with the High in Trial for the day.  Sat. brought another High in Trial on ducks and some excellent work on some of the toughest sheep I have ever seen!  What a challenge!  He was the only dog in his class to work the full course and pen them!

Lone Star ASC, Gainesville, TX, March 29-31, 2013:  Fri. Ranch Trial Dog title was earned on cattle.  Sat. AM & PM trials Trip won High in Trial in both sheep and cattle for all his runs.  Sun. he again won all his classes and High in Trial in cattle for both trials, and High in Trial for sheep in the PM trial.  Another good weekend!

Central Texas Working ASC, Stockdale, TX, March 23-24, 2013:  Sat. AM & PM trials, Trip won both cattle classes and won a duck class, took a 2nd and two 3rds with tough stock and great work!  He was the High in Trial dog for Sat.!  On Sun. the stock were tougher but more great work, and all 2nds.  It was a good weekend.

New Hope ASC, Plantersville, TX, Jan. 26-27, 2013:  Sat. AM trial Trip was High in Trial in Advanced Sheep and Cattle; PM trial he was High in Trial in Advanced on all three stock and finished his WTCH that day!! Sunday he took High in Trial on ducks

2012 Trialing Results

Dothan, AL- Sept. 14-16, 2012; S.E.A.S.C. – Trip took High in Trial ducks at 3 of the 6 trials.  Completed all Open titles and claimed a 122 score in Open cattle and a 118 in ducks.

Whitesboro, TX- Oct. 6 & 7, 2012 – Heart of TX ASC – Sat. Trip earned High in Trial ducks and High in Trial Sheep and High Combined Australian Shepherd.

  • Sun. he earned High in Trial Sheep and High Combined Australian Shepherd again as well as completing his Open Farm titles with high scores.

Brenham, TX- Oct. 20, 2012 – Eastex ASC – AM Trial Trip won High in Trial Cattle from the Open class and High Combined.  In the PM trial he took High in Trial Sheep from the Open class as well.

Dec. 7-8, 2012, Bertram, TX – TX Herding Assn. AHBA trial – Trip earned his Ranch Large Flock level II title on sheep,( RLF lls)  and he earned his HTAD IIs  as well.


ASCA Nationals Trial – Waco, TX, Oct 26, 2010

ASCA First Coast ASC Waco, TX, Oct 21, 2010

  • Won his Started Sheep and Duck classes

ASCA Colorado ASA Pre-TrialWaco, TX, Oct 22, 2010

  • Finished started titles
  • High Combined Started Dog – buckle