Winslide’s Aqui’ To Win 

DOB: November 4, 2023

ASCA and AKC registered

Full dentition, scissor bite

Key is one of the most attentive pups I’ve had, totally focused on me. He is very smart and loving. He plays quite roughly with Ben, his half brother, with him being the aggressor most of the time! Ben has been VERY gentle and patient with him despite getting bitten with puppy teeth a LOT! I have been so very pleased with Key’s temperament. He rolls with new things, behaves like a much older dog and has been pretty easy to house train and to teach obedience and manners appropriate to his age. By 3 months, he would sit, down, and stay before eating.  His stay times are getting longer at 5 mo., and he is now heeling pretty well. He comes when called almost instantly and can be corrected with a gentle verbal ‘ach’. His biddability is wonderful and I can’t wait to get him started on stock in a few months! I couldn’t have picked a more perfect dog for me!