Ben’s Trialing History

Ben’s Trialing History

2024 Trialing Results

CENTEX Working ASA Texas Heritage Trials, Circle Back Ranch, Whitesboro, TX, April 19-21, 2024:  What a lovely site for trialing with nice stock. Ben did better than the week before, but still isn’t where I would like for him to be. He still won the High in Trial Open award for his Sheep run on Sat. for the PM trial with a 107. and the over all High Combined Open dog for Fri.  Sat. he did an amazing Sheep run and earned a 117! but that tied with a cattle score, so no HIT that day. Sun. he ran his best Cattle run with a 114. He won a High in Trial for that run, with a total of 4 High in Trial Awards. Sunday he won the
High Combined Award for the entire 3 days! I am so pleased we are moving forward!

New Hope ASC Presents Spring Loaded! an ASCA Sanctioned All Breed Sheep, Cattle & Duck Trial, Plantersville, TX, April 13 & 14, 2024: Ben ran two trials each day. Saturday, he won 4 firsts, a 2nd and an NQ. He was awarded High Score Open & a beautiful beaded collar. Sunday he won 5 firsts and a 4th place. He was awarded High Score Open and HC Open for two great cooler bags. Now, the truth of his work is that he was mostly working for himself and not me! He was pretty wound up on new stock and especially the cows since he hadn’t been on cows since last year. So, he is still a very big work in progress!

2023 Trialing Results

Centex Working ASC December Chill, Arcadia Ranch, Frost, TX, December 2 & 3, 2023: We have had a year to work on improving, but with the very hot summer, work days were sparse. Still, Ben had lots of improvements. He won all but 2 of his 6 Saturday classes with scores over 100. His Sheep scores were 114 and 115. Was I excited! Sunday was another good day with 5 of the 6 scoring well over 100. He is still way too pushy and excited, but hopefully he will continue to mature! Ben earned a High Combined Non-WTCH  as well as the High Combined Open award!

2022 Trialing Results

Bryan, Texas
National Trial and PreTrial

Ben was a handful! The excitement of so many dogs and people weren’t too bad, but he definitely was over stimulated by some of the stock and the venue! Still, he managed to earn two 3rd placings in the pre-trial for Sheep and Ducks. At Nationals he Won the Started Cattle class, but the excitement got to him with the other stock, especially the Ducks. Too much flapping and sitting down for him yet! Overall, a good start!

Heart of Texas ASC December Chill, Arcadia Ranch, Frost, TX, December 2-4, 2022: Not much positive to say about this trial for Ben. He managed to Q in one run of Ducks and 1 of sheep, before he totally got so over excited he couldn’t think! It did show me that he needs much more work before the next trial! He just isn’t ready to manage his power yet.

Photo Credit: Down The Lead Photography

Heart of Texas ASC presents The Bluebonnet Classic at Arcadia Ranch, Frost TX, May 13-15 2022:  What a great weekend for Ben!  He earned his RTDcs, Ranch Trial Dog, on both Sheep and Cattle!  He also finished his FTDm ( Farm Trial Dog mixed on ducks) and Farm Trial Dog on goats! He had a terrific run on the Ranch sheep, earning a score of 89 and on Cattle, a score of 94, both out of 100 possible points!  On the arena classes, he was a bit pushy on his cattle runs but earned 5 first places, and a sheep score of 95 out of 100 possible points!  He also earned a High Score Started for the Sunday Trial.  What a dog, a chip off his Daddy Winslow!   

Centex Working ASA Texas Heritage Trials, Circle Back Ranch, Whitesboro, TX, April 22-24, 2022:  Great weather for trialing, other than the high winds!  
Temps were ideal, not too hot or sunny.  Ben is getting the  hang of trialing, but harder to hold back!  The lighter stock in a new location showed me exactly what I need to concentrate my training on for him!  Still, he too won 13 of his 18 clases as well as the High Combined Started Buckle along with some daily awards.  I was very pleased with the work and skill he showed me.  Now its time to refine things and slow it down!  He is off to a great trialing career! I am so proud of my boy!

Centex Working ASA’s Yellow Rose Trials, Lonesome Pine Farm, Hempstead, TX, March 25-27, 2022:  Another challenging weekend of trialing!  The ground was deep in clay mud and standing water, so moving got to be dicey in the big arena!  This was Ben’s 1st time trialing in an arena and he did me proud!  Since he is just getting started, he approached each class with enthusiasm and power, sometimes too much!, but he listened more than he didn’t.  Ben earned Most Promising Started Dog for both days!  He came away with 9 first placings, 2 seconds, and 1 third. What a boy!!  He earned his STDcsd titles on the first day, and with very nice scores! 

Holiday Happening all-breed trials, Lonesome Pine Farm,  Hempstead, TX, December 31-January 2, 2022:  Ben entered 2 more Open Farm Trial Dog classes, one in Sheep and one in Cattle.  He did really well in both, taking 2nd place in both classes.  Very pleased with the boy, and I see places where we can keep improving in our training. 

Photo Credit: Down The Lead Photography

2021 Trialing Results

The Texas Chill at Arcadia Ranch, Frost, TX, December 9-10, 2021:  This was Ben’s very first trial and the classes were Open Farm Trial Dog in goats, cattle, ducks, and Mixed.  He did wonderfully well for all the 1st’s thrown at him!  He won a couple of his classes, even up against advanced dogs!  He is still in the learning phase of training, so we had lots of firsts:  cattle in a small pen, goats, horrible ducks and the first time to work in a pasture at a new location!  He earned his OTDcdg titles, and has one leg in mixed due to ducks that just were crazy!  I was very proud of my boy!