Jilee’s Trialing History

Jilee’s Trialing History


Bryan, Texas
National Trial & Finals, 2021:

Stock were very challenging, but fun to work this year.  A good learning experience for Jilee.  She earned a 2nd place in Ducks at the National Trial.  At the National Finals, she made the cut in Sheep and Ducks, ending up with a 4th place on challenging Sheep!  I think she had a good time with the Sheep, but not so much with the Cattle this time. 

2021 Trialing Results

Old Fashioned Kentucky ASC, All Breed Stockdog Trial, Horse Cave, KY, September 17-19, 2021:  Jilee did a great job at these trials!  Day one, she won all 6 classes and earned a High In Trial award and the High Score for the day award.  Day two she had another High In Trial and High Score award for 1 of the trials, winning 5 of her 6 classes.  Day 3 she again won 5 of her 6 classes, and two High In Trial awards and 2 High Score awards.  To say I was very happy with her work would be an understatement!  What a great weekend with great Hosts and stock! 

LOBO Working Aussie Club, Red Hot Chile Classic, Edgewood, NM, June 5 & 6, 2021:  Great times in NM!  A trial with challenging stock that was fun to figure out!  We enjoyed all the people and they had great help with good Judges.  Jilee ended up with 3 High In Trials in Cattle, a High In Trial in Sheep, and two High Combined Aussie wins for a trial.  I was overall very pleased with her work.  We learned some new techniques that were needed on the Sheep, and also the Geese!  The arena got super hot, so Jilee learned to run a class with feet wrapped in vet wrap!  A handy thing to learn!

Heart of Texas Presents Arcadia Ranch All Breed stockdog Trials, Frost, TX, April 30-May2, 2021:  This was an excellent trial, great fun with great success!  Jilee is getting more consistent and learning the things we have been working on so I am pleased!  On day 1 in the AM trial, She was High Score on Ducks as well as High in Trial.  Day 2 AM trial, she was High Score on Cattle and High Score on Sheep, and High in Trial for her Cattle run!  Day 2 PM trial, she was High Score Ducks.  Day 3 PM trial, she was again High Score in Ducks.  Jilee was High Combined WTCH for the weekend and won the big buckle!  She was also the High Scoring dog in Cattle and Ducks for the weekend and the awards were lovely dog tags in silver to put on the dogs collar!  I couldn’t have been more proud of my girl! 

CENTEX Working ASA Texas Heritage trials, Whitesboro, TX, April 16-18, 2021:  Wow, such a fun time for this inaugural trial!  Stock was a challenge at times, but it really gave the dogs a chance to shine!  Jilee earned some good scores, but received her highest score ever, a 123 on sheep!  She won only a few classes, but was consistent enough to win the High Combined Buckle for the 3 days!!  Way to go Jilee!

New Hope ASC Presents Spring Fling Trials, Plantersville, TX, April 10-11, 2021:  These were fun trials with nice stock.  Only sheep and ducks were offered.  Jilee was pretty consistent and won the High Combined for the weekend! 

New Hope ASC Presents an All Breed Sheep & Duck Trial, Plantersville, TX, January 30-31, 2021:  A really nice trial and Jilee did a pretty nice job.  Each day, she won a Sheep and Duck class and earned good scores and placements for the other classes.  She earned Finals points in all classes as well.  She is doing well coming back from having her litter! 

CENTEX Working ASA Presents Holiday Happening, Hempstead, TX, January 1-3, 2021:  What a way to start the New Year with a trial!  It was super cold and after 12 inches of rain the night before, WET!  As in standing water and mud everywhere!  Everyone persevered despite the challenges.  I was very pleased with Jilee as she worked through all the flooding and did a great job!  Several 1st placings in ducks and sheep, good scores in her PATD classes, and she just did some remarkable work with very difficult ducks!  What a great learning experience for her with all the water! 

2020 Trialing Results

New Hope ASC Presents an All Breed Sheep & Duck Trial, Plantersville, TX, November 21-22, 2020:  Another great weekend of trialing weather!  Jilee did well, winning a sheep class and 2 duck classes.  The other scores were enough to earn the High Combined award for the weekend.  Way to go Jilee!

CENTEX Working ASA Presents The Waller Push, Waller, TX, October 2-4, 2020:  What perfect weather for a trial!  Its been 1 1/2 years since we entered an arena trial!  Jilee had some ups and downs with tough stock.  She had some great scores as well as some of our worst, but we still came away with the High Combined Buckle! 

2019 Trialing Results

Heart of Texas ASC Presents 3 Days of ASCA Ranch & Farm Trials, Crystal Falls, TX, December 7-8, 2019:  A very successful weekend for a pregnant Jilee!  She finished her Adv. Farm Trial Ducks and Adv. Farm Trial Mixed titles, earning 2 first places!  One of those 1st placements on Ducks and the other on a Mixed class.  She also won 3 HIT!  What a good girl!!

New Hope ASC Spring Loaded Stock Trial, Plantersville, TX, April 13-14, 2019:  Another successful trial weekend.  Jilee had 4 first placings and a tie for first but it was broken by time so she took the 2nd place.  Not bad for a 3 year old!!  I was very pleased with her work.  Her sheep work was especially nice and so was the duck work, but we had a storm front blow in just as I was opening the take pen that gave me some tough luck, but we handled it & even the thunder like it wasn’t there and still ended up with a nice score.  She is really a good hand! 

CENTEX Working ASA All-Breed Trials, Flatonia, TX, March 21-24, 2019:  We had perfect weather for our trials.  Jilee earned both PATD titles and even won one sheep class with a score of 121!  It was the highlight of our time for me!  She did us proud with that win and great scores.  We had two days of D courses where she earned a 2nd place with a score of 117, and won a cattle class as well.  The final day was B course.  Lots of good scores and good dogs! 

New Hope ASC All Breed Sheep & Duck Trial, Plantersville, TX, Feb. 23-24, 2019: A very successful weekend for us.  Five 1st placings and 3 second places for Jilee who has just stepped into the Advanced level.  I was very pleased overall with her performances.  Lots to continue to work on, but we are going in the right direction! 

2018 Trialing Results

Heart Of Texas ASC Presents Three Days of ASCA Ranch & Farm Trials, Crystal Falls, TX, Nov.30-Dec. 2, 2018: What a terrific few days for Jilee and myself!  We finished 4 titles and are halfway to another one!  Jilee did spectacular in her work.  The Cattle Ranch course is likely one of the most difficult in ASCA, and she aced it with a 1st place!  She earned her Open Farm Trial Dog ducks with two 1st placings, finished her OFTDm with a 1st & 3rd placing, and finished her Advanced Farm Trial Dog Cattle with a 1st placing!  Totally proud of this girl!  She is really growing!

Centex Working ASA, Waller, TX, October 20 & 21, 2018: 

Jilee earned her WTCH on Sat., her first day in Advanced!  I was really pleased with her efforts.  She took a 1st place in cattle and a couple 1st places on sheep.  She had some really nice duck runs as well.  She took High in Trial Non-WTCH for each trial.

Greeley, Colorado Nationals Trial, 2018:


High Combined Open Dog, September 27  3I2A4838_1_2018-(ZF-9316-45524-1-057)

Jilee was amazing at Nationals!  She put down a duck run like an advanced dog with a score of 119, winning her class!  Totally proud of her!!

ASC of MT National Stockdog Pre-trial, Greeley, CO, Sept. 25, 2018:  I was able to enter Jilee in the Open Cattle class the night before the trial.  She did really well, with a great score of 117, the highest score in cattle of the trial, and a first place!  So proud of her!

ASC of AZ National Stockdog Pre-trial, Greeley, CO, Sept. 24, 2018:  Once again, Jilee was only able to be entered into the Open Cattle class.  She did very well with a 3rd placing and a score of 97.  Good girl!

Merit Award Winner: #1 Open Trial Dog – Cattle

Merit Award Winner: #3 Open Trial Dog – Sheep

Merit Award Winner: #4 Open Trial Dog – Ducks


Merit Award Winner:  #4 Started Trial Dog – Cattle

Merit Award Winner:  #3 Started Trial Dog – Sheep

Merit Award Winner:  #7 Started Trial Dog – Ducks




New Hope ASC Spring Loaded Stock Trial, Plantersville, TX,  April 14 & 15, 2018:
Again Jilee has had consistent runs, winning 10 of her 12 classes!  However, this time, she posted her highest score EVER with a 124 in her Open Cattle class!!  Also, a 121 in a duck class!  WOW!  She just keeps getting more and more solid.

ASC of Arizona Spring Spectacular 2018, Dewey, AZ, April 6-8, 2018: Miss Jilee again has been such a consistent girl, winning two of the three classes daily.  She won her cattle class every day, of which I was very pleased!  She saw her first geese, and won that class twice, and won her sheep class once as well!  It was a spectacular trialing weekend, winning the High Combined Non-WTCH Buckle!  It is a beauty!

Centex Working ASA Stockdog Arena and Farm Trials, Flatonia, TX, March 23-25, 2018:  Jilee far exceeded my expectations this trialing weekend!  Friday she finished her Advanced  Farm Trial Sheep dog title with a win, and earned the 1st leg of her Advanced Farm Trial Cattle dog title.  On Sat, she won all 6 classes, posting two duck scores of 116 and 118!  All her scores were over 100!  She was rockin! in all her classes!  Both of those trials earned her a High in Trial Aussie Award.  On Sun. She again was super consistent, winning 4 of her 6 classes with very high scores again and another High in Trial Aussie Award!  Super proud of my girl!!!

2017 Trialing Results

Three Days Of ASCA Ranch and Farm Trials, Crystal Falls, TX, Dec. 8-10, 2017: Jilee gave me a thrill with her work this trialing weekend!  On Fri. she earned a 1st place and a title in Ranch sheep and showed some fine work!  On Sat. She finished her Open Farm Trial Dog title with another 1st place, earned a 1st place in the Open Farm Trial Dog mixed course as well and a 2nd place in the Open Farm Trial Dog cattle class.  On Sun. she finished her Open Farm Trial Dog Cattle title with a 3rd and earned her first leg of her Advanced Farm Trial Dog title.  I am veryproud of my little red girl!  It was a great way to end the trialing year!

2017 ASCA National  Trial, Oct. 31, 2017:  Jilee earned a 4th place in Started Ducks and a fourth place in Started Sheep.  She was pretty excited to be there!


Brazos River Gather, 2017 ASCA Nationals Pre-Trial, Oct. 28, 2017:  Jilee earned a 2nd place in Started Ducks and a 2nd place in Started Sheep.  She handled herself very well!
The Peach State Classic Stockdog Trial, Calhoun, GA, Sept. 22-24, 2017: Jilee earned all her Started titles this weekend with numerous 1st places.  She won the Most Promising Started Aussie, which was derived from the highest combined total of the top 2 scores from each class of stock from the Started division.  She did a GREAT JOB!!  This was her first trial and it was 6 runs a day for 3 days!  She was one tired puppy!!

Farm Trials Hosted by Lantana Ranch, Flatonia, TX, May, 26, 2017:  Jilee’s first event away from home; an Open Farm Trial Dog class in which she earned a qualified a leg.  A great first step!