SDCH WTCH-X Gwangi’s Hajiilee at Winslide PATDcs RTDcs AFTDcsdm   DNA-VP

DOB:  August 5, 2015

ASCA & CKC registered

OFA-good, Elbows-normal

full dentition, scissor bite

19 7/8″ tall

MDR1  n/n,  CEA  n/n

HC  n/n,  DM  n/DM

Cone Deg. n/n, CMR1  n/n

Jilee’s Offspring    Jilee’s Trialing History  Puppy Pedigree

Jilee is a very confident girl!  She is quite the heeler at play and on stock.  So far she has proven to be very biddable and smart.  She too has learned not to bother the chickens and guinea hens.  The squirrels and cats are another thing!  My daughter just taught her to play dead in a few minutes with a bang bang.  Now on to the sheep soon if we both can handle the horrible heat!

2017:  February

Jilee is now a fairly seasoned chore dog, bringing in the guinea hens slicker than any of my other dogs at this age!  She also loves to bring in the chickens and ducks as well.  Once she knows the job, she is ON IT!  She is a loving girl with her family, and very playful.  My training time has been limited so we will just get as far as we can.

2017:  September

Well, Jilee has one leg of her farm trial sheep and done well.  Unfortunately, the second class wasn’t offered at that trial so we will wait until another opportunity presents itself.  She is loving working cows!  Our first trial is coming up this month if the hurricane doesn’t prevent that from happening. 

2017:  December

We just finished the trialing year with a Ranch and Farm trial.  Jilee is settling down and showing some very nice work.  She earned 3 new titles and far exceeded my expectations!  She is becoming my right hand gal!  Kitties are now her buddies! 

2019:  August 

I wanted to jot a note here saying just how far Miss Jilee has come along.  With very few trials this past season, she made it into the Bakersfield Finals!  I am so proud of her!, but due to our move to Fredericksburg, I am just not able to go this time around.  We have taken a long break from working stock…completely!  She is going crazy, but hopefully we will both be ready to get back to it once we have things back in order again! 

 2019: December

Puppies!  Jillie is having puppies! They will be New Year’s pups or very close to that day.  We are looking forward to it!! 

2021:  July

Jilee qualified and was invited to the 2019 National Finals in Bakersfield, CA, but we were unable to attend due to our move.   There was no Finals competition in 2020 due to Covid, but there is one this year, 2021, in Bryan, TX and I just got our invitation to attend.  The top 25 dogs in the US, Canada, & Europe are invited to attend.  I am thrilled that this will be Jilee’s first Finals!




Jilee’sPedigree  Jilee’sTrialing History