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WTCH Twin Oaks Winslow Breeze CDX PATDcs RTDccs DNA-VP
Black C/W AS-12378G31M-T F=4.66%
E80887 DL79629101
WTCH Windsongs Falcon RTDcs DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-4099F26M F=8.24%
E29416 DL47746101
WTCH Windsongs Hurrah Cain CD DNA-CP
WTCH Ch Windsongs Raisin Cain CD
WTCH Windsongs Shenanigan CD
Deharos Mijha OTDds ATDc
WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx
WTCH Windsongs Seasoned Salt RDX
WTCH Twin Oaks Kit-N-Caboodle RTDs DNA-VP
Black C/W AS-7546G28F F=17.73%
E53603 DL51197602
WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
WTCH The Bear of Twin Oaks CD DNA-CP
WTCH Twin Oaks Poky Cody STDs OTDcd DNA-CP
WTCH The Sting of Twin Oaks DNA-VP
Twin Oaks Brandy Pii CD DNA-CP
Twin Oaks Jubalee STDcds DNA-CP
Ardiente Dona Corabella STDsd
Blue C/W F=9.61%
Ch SRN Eagle Silver Hawk of Carat CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-12536E24M F=9.74%
E83976 DL65816103
Ch McDuff of Windermere CD STDc OTDs ATDd
E35434 DL40172803
WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
Ch Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD STDcs OTDd
Ch Truelucs In the Nick of Time CD STDds
E45048 DL46056701
Ch Truelucs Impressive Kid
Truelucs Smurfette
Diamond Aire Finnish Joy STDs DNA-VP
Black C/W F=17.65%
E104732 ER17171/00
WTCH Ch Diamond Aire Forever Blue RD RTDc DNA-CP
E73601 DL57566804
Ch Diamond Aire St Louis Showboat CD STDcds
Ch Diamond Airecka CD DNA-CP
Markis Minnie Mouse DNA-CP
E87601 DL58428901
Ch Diamond Aire Hey Jude CD STDc ATDds RD DNA-CP
Markis Sandie Sue
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