Jilee’s Trialing History



Jilee’s Trialing History







2017 Trialing Results

Three Days Of ASCA Ranch and Farm Trials, Crystal Falls, TX, Dec. 8-10, 2017: Jilee gave me a thrill with her work this trialing weekend!  On Fri. she earned a 1st place and a title in Ranch sheep and showed some fine work!  On Sat. She finished her Open Farm Trial Dog title with another 1st place, earned a 1st place in the Open Farm Trial Dog mixed course as well and a 2nd place in the Open Farm Trial Dog cattle class.  On Sun. she finished her Open Farm Trial Dog Cattle title with a 3rd and earned her first leg of her Advanced Farm Trial Dog title.  I am super proud of my little red girl!  It was a great way to end the trialing year!

2017 ASCA National  Trial, Oct. 31, 2017:  Jilee earned a 4th place in Started Ducks and a fourth place in Started Sheep.  She was pretty excited to be there!

Brazos River Gather, 2017 ASCA Nationals Pre-Trial, Oct. 28, 2017:  Jilee earned a 2nd place in Started Ducks and a 2nd place in Started Sheep.  She handled herself very well!

The Peach State Classic Stockdog Trial, Calhoun, GA, Sept. 22-24, 2017: Jilee earned all her Started titles this weekend with numerous 1st places.  She won the Most Promising Started Aussie, which was derived from the highest combined total of the top 2 scores from each class of stock from the Started division.  She did a GREAT JOB!!  This was her first trial and it was 6 runs a day for 3 days!  She was one tired puppy!!

Farm Trials Hosted by Lantana Ranch, Flatonia, TX, May, 26, 2017:  Jilee’s first event away from home; an Open Farm Trial Dog class in which she earned a qualified a leg.  A great first step!

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