Jilee’s Trialing History

Jilee’s Trialing History







2018 Trialing Results

New Hope ASC Spring Loaded Stock Trial, Plantersville, TX,  April 14 & 15, 2018:
Again Jilee has had consistent runs, winning 10 of her 12 classes!  However, this time, she posted her highest score EVER with a 124 in her Open Cattle class!!  Also, a 121 in a duck class!  WOW!  She just keeps getting more and more solid.

ASC of Arizona Spring Spectacular 2018, Dewey, AZ, April 6-8, 2018: Miss Jilee again has been such a consistent girl, winning two of the three classes daily.  She won her cattle class every day, of which I was very pleased!  She saw her first geese, and won that class twice, and won her sheep class once as well!  It was a spectacular trialing weekend, winning the High Combined Non-WTCH Buckle!  It is a beauty!

Centex Working ASA Stockdog Arena and Farm Trials, Flatonia, TX, March 23-25, 2018:  Jilee far exceeded my expectations this trialing weekend!  Friday she finished her Advanced  Farm Trial Sheep dog title with a win, and earned the 1st leg of her Advanced Farm Trial Cattle dog title.  On Sat, she won all 6 classes, posting two duck scores of 116 and 118!  All her scores were over 100!  She was rockin! in all her classes!  Both of those trials earned her a High in Trial Aussie Award.  On Sun. She again was super consistent, winning 4 of her 6 classes with very high scores again and another High in Trial Aussie Award!  Super proud of my girl!!!

2017 Trialing Results

Three Days Of ASCA Ranch and Farm Trials, Crystal Falls, TX, Dec. 8-10, 2017: Jilee gave me a thrill with her work this trialing weekend!  On Fri. she earned a 1st place and a title in Ranch sheep and showed some fine work!  On Sat. She finished her Open Farm Trial Dog title with another 1st place, earned a 1st place in the Open Farm Trial Dog mixed course as well and a 2nd place in the Open Farm Trial Dog cattle class.  On Sun. she finished her Open Farm Trial Dog Cattle title with a 3rd and earned her first leg of her Advanced Farm Trial Dog title.  I am veryproud of my little red girl!  It was a great way to end the trialing year!

2017 ASCA National  Trial, Oct. 31, 2017:  Jilee earned a 4th place in Started Ducks and a fourth place in Started Sheep.  She was pretty excited to be there!

Brazos River Gather, 2017 ASCA Nationals Pre-Trial, Oct. 28, 2017:  Jilee earned a 2nd place in Started Ducks and a 2nd place in Started Sheep.  She handled herself very well!

The Peach State Classic Stockdog Trial, Calhoun, GA, Sept. 22-24, 2017: Jilee earned all her Started titles this weekend with numerous 1st places.  She won the Most Promising Started Aussie, which was derived from the highest combined total of the top 2 scores from each class of stock from the Started division.  She did a GREAT JOB!!  This was her first trial and it was 6 runs a day for 3 days!  She was one tired puppy!!

Farm Trials Hosted by Lantana Ranch, Flatonia, TX, May, 26, 2017:  Jilee’s first event away from home; an Open Farm Trial Dog class in which she earned a qualified a leg.  A great first step!

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