Winslide’s Front Rider OFTDcsd

 ASCA & AKC registered

DOB: December 30, 2013

OFA ‘Good’, Elbows ‘Normal’
Full dentition, scissors bite
Cone Deg.   n/n
CEA   n/n
CMR1   CMR1/n
DM    n/n
HC   n/n
MDR1    n/n   and by parentage
Eyes normal
21 1/2″ tall

Rider’s Pedigree    Rider’s Trialing History

Rider in bluebonnets 014

What a fun boy Rider is going to be to train!  He is so very smart and willing to please!  He has turned onto his stock and wants to be out there with me when I am working the other dogs now.  He wants to be involved with whatever I am doing at all times and I am really looking forward to getting him started on his stock very soon.  He has learned that chickens and guinea hens are not to be chased and calls off well.  He is learning manners and to travel in the car and to just be a good all round pup.

Rider is now a year and a half, and showing so much promise on his stock!  He has been able to work anything I have put him on….lambs, goats, ewes with lambs, big groups or little groups, he seems  to work them all well.  His sense of balance is great and he has a real feel for the stock’s flight zone.  He is starting to learn take pens and some driving and enjoys it.  Soon he will start on some cattle which I can’t wait to do!  The hot weather is our main slow up as its over 100 degrees now.  Rider doesn’t seem to mind, but I do and I am sure the heifers do too!

Rider started his trialing career with a bang!  Thankfully a good one!  He took first place in sheep and a first place in ducks as well!  I put him in cattle as a schooling opportunity and he showed me that he was ready to take some hits and not be afraid.  He also dished a few hits of his own!  He didn’t get to do much as our group was a soured bunch, but that’s ok, he showed me the dog he is going to be and I am excited!  He ended up winning Most Promising Started!

Rider’s Trialing History


 ~ 2016 Trialing Results ~

CENTEX’s Two Day Ranch/Farm Trial on Sheep in Crystal Falls, TX, April 30-May 1, 2016:  Rider earned his OFTDs title this weekend with a win one of the days.  Good boy Rider.

rider_trial_1604New Hope ASC Stock Trial, Plantersville, TX, April 9-10, 2016:  Another weekend of started classes, but wow!, what a weekend for Rider!  He won all 12 classes!  He is proving to be an outstanding cow dog and I am very pleased with the boy!

ASC of Arizona Cactus Classic Working Trial, New River, AZ,  Feb. 19-21, 2016:   Rider earned all of his Started titles this weekend.  He did a wonderful job on the cattle, placed in several classes, and won a class of geese!  Good job Rider!

Central Texas Working ASC, Hullabaloo on the Yegua, Dime Box, TX, Dec. 13, 2015:  This was Riders first time in a trial arena and he did himself proud.  He took first place in sheep and first place in ducks and came home with the Most Promising Started award.