Dance’s Trialing History

Dance’s Trialing History Page

Kay Leigh Kandids

Kay Leigh Kandids

Dance’s Offspring     Dance’s 5-Generation Pedigree

~ 2010 trialing results ~

Dance qualified in cattle for the 2010 ASCA Finals!

photo by Dick Bruner

photo by Dick Bruner

#3 Merit dog for PATD in cattle!

ASCA National Stockdog Finals – Waco, TX, Oct 2010

  • 11th place – cattle

Lone Star Aust. Shepherd Club All Breed Stock Dog Trial, Cattle Only, Texas, April 10 & 11, 2010

  • Sat. PM High in Trial      Sun. PM High in Trial


~ 2009 trialing results ~

2008-2009 ASCA Nationals, Greeley, CO, Sept 2009

  • Cattle finalist   Highlight, finals

Three Pine Ranch Classic, Estancia, NM, Aug 2009

  • PATD cattle title

~ 2008 trialing results ~

2009 TCDA Finals ~ Graham, TX, Nov 1-2, 2008

(Texas Cattle Dog Association)

  • Novice Dog of the Year       Highlight dog of the year
  • 4th place cattle (field of 18)

Texas Sheep Dog Association

2008 ASCA Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada, November

  • 2nd Advanced Cattle

Stonewall ASCA, TX, Oct 24, 2008 (4 trials)

  • High Score WTCH – cattle (Sat PM)
  • Weekend High Score – cattle (4 trials)

Indian Territories ASC, Edmond, OK, Sept 20-21, 2008

  • High Score Cattle (9/21/08)

Permian Basin Fair & Expo Cattle Dog Trials, TX, Sept 11, 2008

  • 2nd and 3rd places in novice class

Top of Texas Cattle Dog Trials, Pampa, TX June 6-7 and Sept 6-7, 2008

  • High Point buckle winner for all four trials in the novice class

Three Pine Ranch Classic, Estancia, NM, Aug 14-17, 2008

  • HIT  obedience (2nd day), Most Versatile Aussie


2008 ASCA Stock Merit Awards

Dance-cattle8_4-08-stopcow-closeup#10 Advanced Trial Dog – Ducks

#8 Advanced Trial Dog – Sheep

#3 Open Trial Dog – Cattle

#2 Open Trial Dog – Ducks

#4 Open Trial Dog – Sheep

#6 Started Trial Dog – Cattle

#5 Started Trial Dog – Ducks


SWASA’s Cowboy Classic, Whitesboro, TX, April 25-27, 2008

  • earned WTCH
  • High Combined ‘Advanced non-WTCH dog’ all 3 days and buckle

SEASC’s April Showers trial, Dothan AL, April 11-13, 2008

  • High Score Cattle (Sat.) score of 122 (trialing in Open)
  • High Score Sheep (Sun.) score of 123 (trialing in Advanced)

SWASA’s Jackie Kinson trial and Ranch trial, Whitesboro, TX, March 17 19, 2008

  • earned all open trial dog and ranch trial dog titles
  • HIT for both ranch classes and won 4 of her classes
  • 3 scores over 110 in open classes (one in each type of stock)

Texas Cattle Dog Assoc/Texas Sheep Dog Assoc, Border Collie cattle trial, Jan 26, 2008

  • 4th, Novice class

Texas Cattle Dog Assoc/Texas Sheep Dog Assoc, Border Collie cattle trials, Mar 1, 2008

  • 1st, in both Novice classes
Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo Trials, Browarny photographics Ltd

Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo Trials, Browarny photographics Ltd


~ A little bit about BC cattle trials  ~ This was our first BC cattle trial. The cattle trials are points and time trials, which means the highest points for obstacles accomplished in the least amount of time wins. Unlike ASCA and AKC, you don’t see the course until the day you arrive to trial and all of the obstacles are out in the open often in a pasture setting.  We started at the beginning level which is called Novice. Both dogs won cash prizes.


~ 2007 trialing results ~

2007 ASCA Nationals (regular trial)

  • 1st in Started cattle

2007 ASCA Nationals (pre-trial)

  • 1st Started ducks (97 score)
  • 2nd Started cattle

Three Pine Ranch Classic, Estancia, NM, Aug 16-19, 2007 (6 trials)

  • Started -cattle, three 1st’s, 2nd, 3rd
  • Started -sheep, 2nd, two 3rd’s
  • Started -ducks, three 1st’s, three 2nd’s
  • Most Promising Started Aussie, overall plus 4 individual trials

Van Alstyne, TX AHBA trial, March 31-April 1, 2007

  • HTAD I-g, HRD I-s
  • High Score HTAD, Most Promising Started Dog